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See for yourself how China’s secret acquisitions could mean a 33-fold increase in NGCR’s share price… and how a single $7,500 investment could balloon to $247,500

Invest $7,500 in National Graphite Corp (NGRC)
and walk away with $247,500? Not only is it
possible, I think it could happen quickly. Graphite
is a rare mineral used in lithium batteries,
fuel cells, laptops, smart phones, hybrid electric
vehicles, and vital US weapons systems.

I am convinced that National Graphite Corp. (NGRC), a virtually
unknown stock, could rise from 40 cents a share to $13.20
when investors realize that graphite is more important than oil or diamonds. We’re
planning on riding this opportunity like you can’t believe.

Fellow Investor:

When I say that you could take out $247,500 for every $7,500 you put in, I mean every word of it, and backed by over 35 years experience in finding stocks no one knows about.

Why am I so optimistic?

Two reasons: First, China is quietly buying up this mineral at record rates. This creates built-in demand that could become close to unlimited. Second, today graphite is used in some of the highest growth products in the world:

Hello, my name is Mike Casson and I’m the publisher and editor of MicroCap Marketplace. For almost four decades I have been finding little-known stocks that offer market-outperforming profit potential. After learning more about the jaw-dropping future of graphite, I set out to find a company that was poised to capture an important share of the coming boom—and I did.

National Graphite Corp. (NGRC) is a 40-cent stock that’s aggressively expanding in this remarkable industry. Already they’ve secured the right to explore for graphite on over 10,000 strategic acres in Canada and Nevada. More on them and their management later on.

I’m convinced that this unknown stock could provide up to $247,500 for every $7,500 put in. How is that possible? National Graphite Corp (NGRC) is getting into this industry at the perfect time with the right expansion strategy of acquiring exploration acreage. Plus, the use of graphite is on the verge of growing beyond belief.

Graphite Is The Strongest Material Known to Mankind. It’s Super Light and
It’s Used In Almost Every High Growth Business In Existence

The key to increasing sales is increasing demand. Consider this: graphite is used in making the fastest growing products in the country: laptops, cells phones, hybrid electric cars, military systems, lithium batteries, smart phones, to name a few. Apple could barely exist without graphite. Consider…

  • THE STREET says it is key to lithium batteries: They state, “There is actually 10 times more graphite than lithium inside a lithium-ion battery.”

  • SEEKINGALPHA says it’s a key part of green technology: They report, “Graphite is the driving force behind green technology, namely lithium-ion batteries, fuel cells, and pebble bed nuclear reactors.”

Most people run into graphite when they use a super strong golf club shaft, downhill skis and tennis rackets. It has the highest natural strength and stiffness of any material in the world.

Being light and conducting heat and electricity well make it the chosen manufacturing material. Even lithium batteries that power these devices greatly depend on graphite.

China Already Owns 69% of the Graphite Industry
And They’ve Targeted It For Additional Expansion:
This Smells Like An Immense Profit Potential

Pick up a newspaper, turn on the TV, and you see the same story. China is cornering some vital mineral or rare earth metal. This is what they’re doing with graphite, and it can work to our advantage as early investors in the industry.

When you have such concentrated ownership, you might expect that higher prices are in the future. Consider the OPEC example. They vastly increased the price of oil.

China is the OPEC of graphite. They’re securing claims around the world that makes them the world’s largest owner of this valuable commodity, presently an astounding 69% market share. Countries are beginning to sit up and take notice. Consider…

  • REUTERS says China can’t be trusted to share graphite: They state, “Prices rose last year in part because of concerns that China, which controls 70% of global supply, will choke off exports as it did with rare earth metals.”
  • ARCHER EXPLORATION warns of China’s plans: They reveal, “The strategic mineral status also acknowledges the dominance of China in having huge reserves and production capacity.”
  • THE STREET says governments are getting nervous—as they should: They write, “Government bodies are taking notice of just how crucial secure supplies of graphite are.”
  • THE “PROSPECTING JOURNAL” says China won’t share graphite no matter what they say: They state, “It has recently demonstrated a stance towards greater protectionism. They want the resource for their own economic development.”
  • The “International Resource Journal” reveals a Chinese stranglehold that will drive prices higher: They state, “You’ll see the Chinese authorities continue to tighten the rein around graphite and keep more of it for their own uses.”

There’s a Battle Brewing Over Graphite—
And We Could Be The Big Winners…

Not only is the use of graphite booming in high growth products, competing countries are after it in a major way. When demand far outstrips supply and when the commodity is essential—like oil, for example, the chance to make truly enormous gains exists in spades. Stocks tend to go up sharply.

Little-Known Graphite
Stocks Have Returned Phenomenal Profits

Once these stocks get “discovered,” the profit potential can be
remarkable. The low and subsequent high, adjusted for splits, is reported.

  • UP 5.1 times—Graphite One Resources—7 cents a share to 36 cents. $7,500 turns into $38,571
  • UP 11 times—Buxton Resources–3 cents a share to 34 cents. $7,500 turns into $84,999
  • UP 9.4 times—Graftech International–$2.85 to $26.00. $7,500 turns into $68,421
  • UP 21 times—Zoltek—$2.20 to $46.00. $7,500 turns into $159,818
  • UP 17 times—Montezuma Mining—2 cents to 36 cents. $7,500 turns into $135,000
  • UP 6.4 times—SGL Carbon–$7.25 to $47.00. $7,500 turns into $48,620
  • UP 7.4 times—China Carbon Graphite Group—44 cents to $3.25. $7,500 turns into $55,397
  • UP 4.1 times––Northern Graphite––80 cents to $3.30. $7,500 turns into $30,750

Graphite is used in
the fastest
products in the world

Demand for graphite is truly stratospheric because it’s an essential component of many of the top selling, critically important products in the world. A few examples.

  • Smart Phones: Think Apple, Google’s Android, Blackberry
  • Smart Devices: Think Apple’s
    iPad, Amazon’s Kindle
  • Solar Panels: Think GE’s
    Solar Devices
  • Cell Phones: Nokia, Motorola, LG

What To Do Next
National Graphite Corp:

Stock Symbol: NGRC

12 Mo. Target: $13.20

Action: Strong Buy

“These stocks were under a dollar when they were bought out and made shareholders rich. This could happen to National Graphite.”

Demand for graphite is truly stratospheric because it’s an essential component of many of the top selling, critically important products in the world. A few examples.

  • Aurelian Resources: bought
    out for $32 a share
  • Ventana: picked up for $13
  • AuEx Ventures: purchased for $6

Global Graphite Demand
Is Astonishing

Demand is growing rapidly because of the new uses for graphite. This is expected
to carry over to 2012 and beyond, as predicted by numerous industry sources.

What To Do Next
National Graphite Corp:

Stock Symbol: NGRC

12 Mo. Target: $13.20

Action: Strong Buy

The United States and the European Union have said that graphite is “a supply-critical mineral.” They’re right. This also goes way beyond commercial applications.

The Security of The United States Is At Risk For This Reason…

The Small Cap Network says it well. “Perhaps the single greatest testimonial to graphite’s importance is the concern that governments have shown about its importance in security. The U.S. military will increasingly rely on graphite for battery and fuel cell applications…”

Resource World Magazine confirms the fact by stating, “Countries around the world are looking at the market in order to diminish the reliance on China.”

The Result? Prices Have Been Going Through The Roof. China Already Owns 69% of the Graphite
Industry And They’re Calling
The Shots For Now

The demand from China alone is like a runaway train. Prices have been rising for the last 18 months to a level rarely seen in the past. There are many more buyers of graphite than suppliers. I can only imagine how high graphite prices could go when the mainstream media discovers this story. It’s good news for us.

Now when you add in the new and exciting uses for graphite, the pieces fall into place perfectly. No longer is it just a commodity in a pencil. Far from it. The Critical Metals Report reveals, “New applications such as lithium-ion batteries, heat sinks in computers, fuel cells and nuclear and solar power are all big users of graphite.”

This Excites Me: I’ve Noticed That Many Lower Priced Graphite and Graphite-Related Stocks Have Done
Remarkably Well, Here’s Just
One Quick Example

Who ever heard of Montezuma Mining? They’re a small, diversified outfit with an interest in graphite. Recently they stated, “With demand for graphite heating up, Montezuma has picked a good time to realize the value of its graphite asset, while retaining exposure to the project in the long term.”

From its low to its subsequent high, it went from two cents to 36 cents. That would turn $5,000 into $90,000. If you’d put in $15,000 you could have walked away with $270,000.

I Call Graphite “The Next Lithium.”
Were Earned In Lithium…

  • Rodina Lithium soared 15 times in under 10 months
  • Lithium One rose 17.2 times in under 6 months
  • American Lithium skyrocketed 862% in half a year
  • Canada Lithium went up 835% in 5½ months
  • Rockwood Holdings rose almost 700% in under 10 months

When Companies Like National Graphite Locate Graphite, Buyers Can Literally Line Up

When smaller companies like National Graphite Corp strike large deposits, they can be flooded with buyout offers. Why? It often takes hundreds of millions of dollars to develop a property and mining giants are thrilled to put it up and make even more money.


  • Aurelian Resources: bought out for $32 a share
  • Ventana: picked up for $13
  • AuEx Ventures: purchased for $6

You see the picture. Graphite is quietly becoming as valuable as oil and rare earths. Modern economies can’t do without it. What steel was to the last century…graphite is to success in this century.

I’ve Seen This Profit Pattern Before. If You Play This Correctly, It Could Be The Surest Way to Capture Real Wealth In The Stock Market

Let’s take an example we all know well. Microsoft. Timing was everything—as it is now with National Graphite Corp (NGRC). For the last 9 years, Microsoft was virtually flat as an investment. You could have done better in a mediocre bond.

How did one of the hottest investments turn sour? Timing and industry trends. Its markets became mature, newer opportunities like the Internet were missed, their search division didn’t do much, so their stock did nothing.

The “magic” was gone. At the right time, Microsoft turned $10,000 into $2.7 million. The lesson? The earlier you get into a surefire, economically-important trend, the better.

Now Consider The Future Of Graphite: I Think It’s An Easy
Question to Answer—
It’s Close to Being Unlimited In Growth Potential—Just The Way
Steel Once Was

The two keys to turning a small sum into one that could change your life is being in the right industry with almost unlimited expansion potential and being first in line. They’re now perfectly lined up for us. Let me explain.

The right industry: as I mentioned, not long ago graphite was just an unknown, unexciting industrial commodity. No more. It’s an essential component of a booming $13 billion dollar business supplying true high-growth industries.

This could mean unlimited demand. Canaccord Research states, “The unique properties of graphite open the potential for numerous new industrial applications.”

Next, getting in early is critical. The stocks will be much cheaper. The time will come when the graphite secret is known to all and they will be fully priced. The risk can then outweigh the potential gain.

IN MY VIEW, RIGHT NOW, THE POSSIBLE GAINS COULD FAR EXCEED THE RISKS. In other words, you’re first in line. Graphite is just beginning to make headlines.

  • Technology Metals Research says the boom is just starting: “Graphite is one of the quintessential wonder materials of today that will only become more important moving forward.”
  • THE GOLD REPORT says it’s an area to make money in: “Graphite is one of the few spaces where savvy investors can make money.”
  • FOCUS METALS calls it an explosion it’s so big: They report, “China regards graphite as a critical material for the future—the response has been an explosion of interest and new growth…”
  • REUTERS reveals that fortunes can be made: They write, “Shares of companies involved in graphite –a once obscure segment of the mining industry have soared…”

I Give Management Great Credit
For Spotting This Industry At a Very Early Point. This Shows Off Their Impressive Experience In Natural Resources Around the World

As President and CEO, Mr. Kenneth B. Liebscher is a seasoned international businessman with over 35 years of securities and executive management experience.

He has served as a director for Belmont Resources Inc, a mining exploration company, and as an officer and director of Highbank Resources Inc. He’s been involved in mineral exploration projects in Peru, the Slovak Republic, and Canada.

Dr. Fortunato Villamagna is the Chief Financial Officer. His natural resources background is extensive. He was the Vice President Technology for Orica Inc., an Australian-owned, publicly-listed global company, and global leader in mining products and services. Dr. Villamagna also served as President of BioEnergy Systems, a technology company serving the biofuels industry.

When Wall Street Finds The Value I See In National Graphite Corp (NGRC) You Could See A Big Move

National Graphite Corp (NGRC) could be one of my best finds ever. After I was sold on the highly attractive premise of the industry, I went looking for a super low priced stock that could profit from it all. What I found was National Graphite Corp (NGRC). I couldn’t be more thrilled.

At 40 cents a share, it is remarkably cheap. They’re moving ahead fast by acquiring 65 claims in Quebec, Canada totaling 9,600 acres. They’re also purchasing a 100% interest in mining claims in Carson City, Nevada that total 400 acres. This adds up to 10,000 acres. The company’s Voltaire Canyon site is estimated to be a 1-million-ton deposit. Please remember that I’m not the only one looking for stocks like this one.

Consider getting in when the stock is just 40 cents a share. The time to buy National Graphite Corp (NGRC)is now. You don’t want to think back and wonder, “If only I had invested at 40 cents…” See if it’s right for your portfolio, then join us today—and welcome aboard!

My Best,

Mike Casson
Publisher and Editor,
MicroCap Marketplace

P.S. Graphite is such a modern-era commodity, watching this 40 cent stock hit $13.20 is certainly possible. Last century steel played the same role as a breakthrough material. And it was.

Now we have graphite. I’ve been watching stocks for 35 years and I feel great about National Graphite Corp (NGRC). Don’t miss your chance. Consider picking up some up through your discount broker. Mike

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