About Us

MicroCap MarketPlace provides carefully researched micro and small cap investment opportunities for individual and institutional investors. Our primary emphasis is on well-managed companies that offer our readers superior returns…300%, 500%, even bigger gains that could be realized within six to eighteen months.

Most featured stocks typically trade below $5.00 a share…these are higher-risk, higher-reward opportunities that your broker can’t or won’t tell you about because most are classified as “penny stocks.” Our research team is focused on smaller companies that have unique technologies or business models, and clearly developed strategies that if executed properly could facilitate hyper-growth and a potential move up to a senior exchange.

It stands to reason that these are undiscovered companies that haven’t shown up on Wall Street’s radar and have yet to maximize shareholder value…hence, the opportunity for outsized gains.

What are your benefits to joining the MicroCap MarketPlace alliance?

First and foremost you’ll learn about unique, undervalued small cap investments with a 3x, 5x even 10x profit potential that you’ll know about — before the mainstream media even has a clue. You’ll tap into multiple market sectors for potentially huge profits, while most investors are losing their shirts with a follow-the-herd mentality. Sectors include technology, electronics, real estate, natural resources, bio-pharma, precious metals, services, transportation, agriculture and more.

Additionally, you’ll develop an association with like-minded, informed investors looking for highly researched small cap investment opportunities. You’ll have access to in-depth company profiles, plus special alerts for late-breaking news, corporate announcements, investment recommendations and specific buy, sell or hold comments.

Featured companies can carry a higher than average degree of investment risk and regardless of our team’s opinions and recommendations, subscribers must ultimately decide for themselves if the opportunity meets their investment criteria, risk tolerance levels and portfolio objectives.

We of course believe you will find MicroCap MarketPlace informative and financially rewarding.

And, if you’re not opposed to taking a calculated amount of portfolio risk with the appropriate level of potential profits…then I definitely think MicroCap MarketPlace is worth your consideration…

Plus, you can subscribe today absolutely RISK-FREE. Click here for full details.

As an added bonus, this site also includes a section for Independent Third-party Research Reports – institutional quality analysis you can count on from our contributing analysts.