Pure Harvest Corporate Group, Inc. (OTCQB: PHCG) @ 05/05/2021

COMPANY SUMMARY: Pure Harvest (OTCQB: PHCG) is a publicly traded holding company focused on emerging and high-growth industries. The PHCG team is committed to formulating, manufacturing, and distributing high-quality cannabis and hemp derived cannabinoid consumer products in markets where it is legal to do so.

The Company has developed numerous retail brands and product lines that are currently available for purchase in select markets. Pure Harvest intends to grow its marijuana, hemp derived cannabinoids, and research and development operations and expand globally as the laws regarding cannabis are reviewed and rewritten to repeal their prohibition.

A primary operational focus for the Company is Test Kitchen, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Pure Harvest. Test Kitchen is a laboratory for human potential – an experiment and experience for creating and sustaining the highest expression of life. Test Kitchen’s mission is to curate empirical physiology and cultivate predictable pharmacognosy to optimize mind-body-performance. Simply put, Test Kitchen’s goal is to use its proprietary plant-based lifestyle formulas to help a person gain an unfair advantage over the person’s former self.

The Company has 25 full-time employees and recently moved into a new, expanded corporate office in Greenwood Village, CO, an upscale suburban area on the south side of Denver.

Key Metrics @ 05/05/2021

Closing Price $0.44
52 Week Range $0.255 to $0.60
Shares Outstanding 62.840M
Shares in the Float 61.41M
Shares held at DTC 6.962M
Common Shares Authorized 240M
Average Daily Volume: 7,456
Market Cap $28.04M
Reporting Status SEC Reporting
Financials Audited
Most Recent Filing: 10-K for 12/31/2020  Filed: 04/20/2021 
Fiscal Year-end 12/31

(Source: OTC Markets, Yahoo Finance, SEC filings)


GREENWOOD VILLAGE, CO, April 22, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — via NewMediaWirePure Harvest Corporate Group, Inc. (OTCQB: PHCG), a publicly traded holding company focused on emerging and high-growth industries, is pleased to announce it has reported extraordinary growth in revenues for 2020 as compared to 2019 in its most recent annual report, 10K filing.

PHCG’s reported gross revenues for 2020 increased more than 1,800% from 2019. This growth is largely the result of sales generated by the Company’s licensed marijuana operations located in Dumont, Colorado. The Company’s 2020 Q4 sales grew by more than 8,400% compared to Q4 2019 and increased 29% as compared to Q3 2020.

“This growth in revenue is extremely exciting but not at all unexpected,” said Matthew Gregarek, CEO of Pure Harvest Corporate Group. “We have spent considerable time and energy to get to this point and I’m very proud of the entire PHCG team for making all of this possible.”

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          ·  Pure Harvest Receives Second Wholesale Order of Complex 612 Products

Denver, CO, Feb. 18, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — via NewMediaWire Pure Harvest Corporate Group, Inc. (OTCQB: PHCG), a publicly traded holding company focused on emerging and high-growth industries, is pleased to announce that its wholly owned subsidiary, Test Kitchen, Inc., has received a second purchase order of approximately 250,000 units for consumer products featuring the Company’s proprietary ingredient known as cannabinoid compound “Complex 612.”

Complex 612 is a new, patent-pending ingredient distributed by Test Kitchen, Inc. The Company believes that Complex 612 has the potential to disrupt the national cannabis industry and has invested substantial time and effort in the development of consumer products featuring Complex 612. Test Kitchen CEO Donnie Emmi has previously reported that users of Complex 612 have generally experienced “more productivity, overall happiness, enhanced moods and pure joy.”

The purchase order was received on February 11, 2021 and is expected to be delivered in March 2021. This order represents the second substantial wholesale purchase of consumer-packaged goods featuring Complex 612. The Company is excited by this development and believes these large wholesale orders will increase efficiencies and generate economies of scale in the production process. Additionally, the Company believes that this and the previous substantial order will help to create awareness in the marketplace as they are sold-through.

“This second significant sale of Complex 612 products is an encouraging sign for the potential of the ingredient,” said Matthew Gregarek, CEO, Pure Harvest Corporate Group. “I am extremely excited to see this amazing ingredient begin to take off and I am hopeful that we will be able to sustain this initial momentum over the course of 2021.”

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          ·  Pure Harvest Corporate Group Acquires Four Patents in Multiple Verticals

Patent Acquisition Positions the Company to Pursue New Opportunities in Addition to Current Operations

Denver, CO, Feb. 04, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — via NewMediaWire — Pure Harvest Corporate Group, Inc. (OTC: PHCG), a publicly traded holding company focused on emerging and high-growth industries, is pleased to announce that on January 25, 2021, the Company acquired four U.S. Patents and four U.S. Patent Applications through its wholly owned subsidiary, PHIPCO, LLC. The patents and applications (the “IP”) were acquired from Mr. James Brown, an inventor with 48 issued patents to date. The acquired IP has numerous applications in various industries, including Agriculture, Renewable Energy, Health & Wellness, Manufacturing, Construction, and Transportation.

The Company plans to use the IP in a wide range of industries for standalone products and applications and for enhancements or improvement of existing products and systems. The acquisition of the IP is part of the Company’s broader strategy of acquiring valuable intellectual property, such as the patent application for Cannabinoid Complex 612, for development and commercialization in high-growth industries. To this end, the Company is forming an innovation team to focus on the Company’s opportunities created by the acquisition of the IP. Pure Harvest is pleased to report that Mr. Brown will help guide the innovation team and join the Advisory Board for Pure Harvest Corporate Group, effective immediately.

“For the last year and a half, we have been pursuing these incredible patents and courting James Brown, who, in my estimation, is a true visionary and highly talented inventor,” stated Matthew Gregarek, CEO of Pure Harvest Corporate Group. “With the acquisition of this IP and the addition of Mr. Brown to our team, Pure Harvest is perfectly positioned to pursue successes in new, highly profitable industries to the benefit of our Company and its shareholders.”

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2021 will be an exciting year for PHCG.  With the recent announcement of a second purchase order for 250,000 units, featuring the Company’s proprietary ingredient known as cannabinoid compound “Complex 612,” PHCG has now garnered orders totaling 550,000 units of liquid and edible consumer products in the first quarter alone. 

With the Company’s announcements of its expanded management team, the addition of a very strategic investor-partner and rapidly increasing revenues, PHCG seems like a stock you should keep on your radar. However, if you like what you read about PHCG, now might be a pretty good entry point to start accumulating shares for a small-cap, cannabis industry portfolio.

PHCG has seen an upward movement from $0.27/share on 11/02/2020 to a 52-week high of $0.60 on 01/14/2021… a strong 122% uplift in share price. So the potential for short term as well as long term gains seems fairly evident to this observer.

However, all readers are cautioned to do their own research and make informed decisions.                                                                                                                                              

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