SaveDaily, Inc. – Leading the Charge for Independent Investors

There was a time when the luxuries of speaking with a financial advisor or broker were just that: Luxuries. And luxuries reserved only for relatively affluent investors, the types with over $100,000 to invest. Fortunately, there is one company looking to bring high-caliber investment advice to everyday retail investors so they can take charge of their own financial futures. That company is SaveDaily, Inc. (OTCBB: SAVY).

California-based SaveDaily’s proprietary investment platform helps financial professionals deliver high-quality choices to retail investors that may not have six- or seven-figure sums to invest.

In other words, SaveDaily helps financial advisors and brokers give their clients access to some of the same tools the pros use without the need for substantial minimum investments.

SaveDaily, a Registered Investor Advisor with the Securities and Exchange Commission, is registered to do business in 50 states. The company began trading on the OTCBB in August 2011 and thus far has attracted decent average daily turnover of more than 11,200 shares per day.

To the stock’s credit, SaveDaily has performed admirably in the past three plus months, a time that has been brutal for investors in big bank stocks. While it may not be saying much, SaveDaily has handily outperformed Bank of America (NYSE: BAC) in that time.


With an eye towards a market with massive growth potential, SaveDaily could easily be outperforming its larger peers for years to come. According to the company, the market addressed by SaveDaily’s solution represents nearly $20.5 billion in revenue from account administration and servicing fees, in addition to advisory and distribution fees from assets under management.

Put another way, SaveDaily only needs to garner a small slice of that $20.5 billion pie to deliver tidy returns for investors.

The added benefit of the SaveDaily business model is the cost efficiencies the company offers to its clients. SaveDaily eliminates the need for all those paper statements and related expense by taking bank and brokerage clients into the 21st century on an electronic platform. Lower costs for clients can easily translate to higher profits for SaveDaily.

Fortunately, statistics back up the bull case scenario for SaveDaily.

The company had $81 million in assets under management at the end of April 2011. Not bad for a company of this size, but it gets better. That total surged to $126 million under management at September 30, 2011. This is during a time when banks and brokers are hemorrhaging assets!

Indeed, SaveDaily looks undervalued and the future looks bright for SAVY.

Posted by Micro Trader