Pulse Beverage – Birth of a “Monster”

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Pulse Beverage – Birth of a “Monster”

Introducing our Lead-off Home Run Stock for 2015.

ATTN: Readers, investors and friends… this is “the” stock you need to have on your radar or if it meets your investment criteria, in your small cap portfolio today. Here’s why!


Great Tasting Nutritional Beverages – uniquely positioned as products
with Real Science and Technology behind their health claims


  • Experienced beverage company management – extensive track records in the beverage industry;
  • Great products, great packaging, great taste & competitive advantages over existing products;
  • The ability of management to create an extensive product distribution system – distribution is the principal key to success for any beverage company.


THE PULSE BEVERAGE CORPORATION is led by beverage industry veterans with significant branding, operations and distribution experience:

ROBERT YATES, President and Director, is a seasoned business executive with over 25 years in the beverage industry. Mr. Yates was one of 14 major Master Distributors for Clearly Canadian and accounted for more than $50 million of their sales in the year that Clearly Canadian reached $178 million of annual sales revenues. Mr. Yates’ beverage portfolio has included such well-known brands as Monster Energy, Arizona Tea, Clearly Canadian Vitamin Water, Rock Star, Perrier, Everfresh Juices, Ocean Spray, Miller Beer, Honest Tea and Fiji Water.

PARLEY “PADDY” SHEYA, Vice-President, National -Sales Manager and a Director, brings over 32 years of international executive sales and distribution management experience in the beverage industry.

RON KENDRICK, Chief of Product Development has more than 34 years of experience in the beverage industry. He was Chief of Operations for Clearly Canadian for 12 years and was part of their rapid growth and success.

D. BRUCE HORTON, Chairman of the Advisory Board, assisted Mr. Yates and Mr. Kendrick in the formation of The Pulse Beverage Corporation. Mr. Horton was the co-founder of Clearly Canadian Beverage Corporation and during his tenure sales grew from start-up to $178 million in annual sales with $25 million of annual net income in the fifth year of operations.

PAMELA PEEKE, MD is on the Advisory Board and is an internationally recognized expert, physician, scientist and author in the fields of nutrition, stress, fitness and public health. Dr. Peeke is the Chief Medical Correspondent for Discovery Health TV and has a national best-selling book Fit to Live.

DON PREST, CPA, Financial Consultant and Advisory Board Member, is an expert in accounting, auditing, US GAAP reporting and SEC quarterly and annual report filings (10K’s and 10 Q’s).




The Pulse beverage was originally a functional health product of Baxter Healthcare Corporation who spent in excess of $10 million in its development, formulation and test marketing.

Pulse® Heart & Body Health functional beverages, now wholly-owned by THE PULSE BEVERAGE CORPORATION, contains safe and effective levels of a number of important heart and health-friendly nutrients in a great tasting beverage. It has Vitamin C and Selenium, both of which are considered important nutrients to help maintain heart health.

The Pulse® Heart & Body Health formula is an excellent source of dietary fiber which helps maintain healthy cholesterol levels. One 16 ounce serving supplies the equivalent soluble fiber as does two and a quarter (2.25) bowls of oatmeal.

This product has several advantages over other supposed functional beverages in the marketplace:

  • The active nutrients are backed by solid research and are scientifically demonstrated to promote health in targeted areas. It may be the only nutraceutical beverage development that has sufficient quantities of functional ingredients to actually help promote and maintain health;
  • The manufacturing process utilizes liposome nano-dispersion technology, developed by Baxter Healthcare Corporation, allowing the body to absorb the functional ingredients and provides a competitive advantage over so-called “Vitamin Beverages.”Coca-Cola’s Vitamin Water only has trace amounts of vitamins and nutrients and because the manufacturing process does not employ the liposome nano-technology, the insignificant amount of nutrients really just passes through the body unabsorbed;
  • Pulse® Heart & Body Health functional beverages taste great! It took considerable time and effort to make a functional beverage with sufficient vitamins and nutrients in the product to actually make a difference to your health and at the same time taste great.

Pulse will conduct a formal launch of Pulse® Heart and Body Health in early 2015.


After extensive research, Pulse determined that the market was looking for all-natural, lower calorie lemonades. In 2011 Natural Cabana™, low in calories, was developed and launched in January of 2012.

Pulse strategized that this was the perfect product to establish its distribution system, as everyone understood what lemonade was and therefore no education process was required to introduce this product to the distributors, retailers and consumers.

Natural Cabana® Lemonades and Limeades have several advantages over the competition:

  • They are great tasting, have all-natural ingredients and have lower calories than its competitors;
  • They are displayed in very attractive glass containers with high resolution graphics;
  • The Company has also developed a very attractive plastic bottle with high resolution graphics at the request of Walmart and others who want customized packaging;


Coconut Water is one of the fastest-growing beverage categories in the United States and the United Kingdom, with consumers and health experts alike recognizing its natural hydrating qualities, great taste and exceptional nutritional benefits.


The Wall Street Journal states that the Coconut Water category has nearly doubled in revenues each year since 2006.

Pulse has sourced the highest quality coconuts from Thailand and Vietnam, and introduced Natural Cabana™ Coconut Water to its distribution system in March of 2013 and the response has been exceptional.

Natural Cabana™ Coconut Water has several key advantages over its competitors:

  • Packaging is eye-catching and consumers, distributors and retailers are saying that it is the best in the marketplace;
  • Only the most premium coconuts are selected and harvested at the most optimum time. This is evidenced by the taste and freshness;
  • Pricing is competitive – generally Natural Cabana™ Coconut Water is on the retail shelves at approximately 20% below other coconut waters in similar size containers;
  • Pulse has the ability to grow Natural Cabana™ Coconut Water brand very quickly through its already established extensive distribution system.


An extensive distribution system is the key asset of any beverage company and the main reason why only certain beverage companies attain success. Even the best management and greatest products cannot overcome the lack of a distribution system.

Pulse has spent considerable finances and almost three years in the establishment of its extensive beverage distribution system. Pulse began distribution of Natural Cabana® Lemonade in 2012. Since then, and with this initial product, it developed a nationwide distribution system through more than 155 distributors in 49 US States, Canada, Mexico, Panama, Bermuda and Ireland.

Regional and national listings expand

Pulse has secured listings with regional and national grocery and convenience chain stores such as Walmart, Albertsons, Kmart, Circle K, Food City, Whole Foods, HEB, Save Mart, Walgreens, Kroger, Price Chopper, 7-Eleven, Winco Foods, HyVee, Fred Myers, United Grocers, RaceTrac Petroleum, Hannaford and others.

Additionally, during the last few months Pulse has received approved listings at nationally recognized chain stores to carry its Natural Cabana™ Lemonade, Limeade and Coconut Water in more than 2,500 stores such as: Independent 7-11’s, E-Z Mart, ShopRite, Town Pump, Fresh n Easy, Market Basket, Wagmans, Target, GNC Livewell, Rutters, Sobeys, and expansions of Albertsons and Fred Meyers.

Pulse secures nationwide listing in Walmart

Pulse is authorized to sell into individual Walmart stores with manager approval. To date Pulse has been approved in more than 250 Walmart stores and in 2015 has received approval for a nationwide listing.

More than 80% of its distributors are Class “A” Distributors and include such majors as Independent, Coca-Cola, Pepsi, Dr. Pepper Snapple Group (7-Up), Anheuser-Busch and MillerCoors. Pulse and its distributors have obtained more than 25,000 listings for Natural Cabana™.

Pulse invades Mexico

Pulse has established a Mexico Subsidiary, Natural Cabana S.A. de CV to distribute Natural Cabana™ Lemonade, Limeade and Coconut Water. Mexico is a massive beverage market and has been reported the largest consumer of soft drinks in the world per capita. Pulse’s Mexico business will be headed by Carlos Villarreal and his team. Mr. Villarreal was responsible for the Mexico introduction and distribution of Monster Energy®. He built the Monster Energy® brand from 25,000 cases per annum to over 2 million cases per annum in just over six years.

Pulse, through its subsidiary, is securing a distribution agreement with a major distribution firm to distribute Natural Cabana™ Lemonade, Limeade and Coconut Water throughout Mexico to all of their food service and retail customers as well as the large national key accounts that the Pulse team has.

This major Mexican distributor has been in business for over 64 years, and has 1300 employees, 400 delivery trucks and more than 30 distribution points with delivery routes covering all of Mexico. The Company has the ability and distribution system in place to deliver to every retail outlet in Mexico.


Successful beverage companies, on average, take 7 to 8 years to become operationally cash flow positive and approximately the same time to reach the threshold of 1 million cases of annual product sales.

It is at this point they garner the interest of major beverage companies.

By the second or third quarter of 2015, just over 3.5 years after launch of Natural Cabana™, The Pulse Beverage Corporation expects to be operationally cash flow positive and by the 4th quarter of 2015 expects to reach the threshold of 1 million annual case sales for Natural Cabana™.

Here’s the Bottom Line:

Why you might want to invest in Pulse (PLSB) today?

  • Proven management team
  • Niche products in high growth categories
  • Great-tasting, low-calorie natural products with wide consumer appeal
  • Real nutritional value for PULSE Heart & Body Health functional beverages, as clinically proven and developed by Baxter Healthcare
  • Expanding distribution network, with more than 80% of Class “A” distributors, such as Independent, Coca-Cola, Pepsi, Dr. Pepper Snapple Group (7-UP), Anheuser-Busch, Miller Coors Molson
  • Listings at more than 20,000 retail outlets
  • Rapid growth, with three-year ramp that normally takes up to seven years to develop
  • Currently, low market multiple

As I mentioned above… you could be looking at another “Monster” in the beverage industry.
Yours for intelligent investing,

Mike Casson
Executive Editor

About The Pulse Beverage Corporation (PLSB)
Pulse Beverage is an emerging beverage company that offers a line of great tasting, refreshing, low-calorie natural drinks, including Natural Cabana® Lemonade and Limeade, Natural Cabana® Coconut Water and Pineapple Coconut Water, and PULSE® Heart and Body Health functional beverages.

Combining all-natural ingredients, essential vitamins and minerals, Pulse’s line of beverages provides consumers with high-quality, healthy alternatives at a reasonable price. For more information, please visit: www.pulsebeverage.com or email [email protected].

Follow Pulse Beverage on Twitter at https://twitter.com/drinkpulsebev. Become a Pulse Beverage Facebook Fan Page at https://www.facebook.com/PulseBeverageCorporation.


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