China Got Us by the Rare Earth Metals

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Rare Earth Metals, crucial elements of every piece of technology available on the market today, from green energy cars and turbines, to ipods, computers, cancer treatments and military equipment, are about to become even RARE-ER. China, who is the sole producer of 97% of the world’s Rare Earth supply, is threatening to put embargo on exports.

Meanwhile, instead of helping the struggling Rare Earth domestic industry, comprised of several development stage companies like…

Ucore Rare Metals, Inc. PINK:UURAF

Medallion Resources Ltd. PINK:MLLOF

Rare Element Resources Ltd. NYSE:REE

Molycorp, Inc NASDAQ:MCP


Alkane Exploration NL PINK:ALKEF

Greenland Minerals and Energy Ltd. PINK:GDLNF,

…the U.S. goverment is using the same strategy which has already failed with Oil: begging foreign countries not to take advantage of their monopolies. Didn’t work then and won’t work now!